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The Hugo Schindelka Award

Hugo Schindelka Award - WAVDThe Hugo Schindelka Award commemorates initiation of the scientific approach to veterinary dermatology and its establishment as a discipline in 1903 when Dr. Hugo Schindelka, a teacher at the Vienna Veterinary School, published his book, Hautkrankheiten bei Haustieren Handbuch der Tierärztlichen Chirurgie und Geburtshilfe (Skin Diseases of Domestic Animals).

The award, a medal and US$ 5,000, will be presented every 4 years at the World Congress of Veterinary Dermatology, beginning with the 6th Congress in Hong Kong in 2008. A Shindelka Memorial Lecture will be given by the recipient at the congress.



The Purpose of the Award

The award recognizes excellent scholarship and publication in the field of veterinary dermatology.

Scholarship includes organisation and development of the discipline, teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in universities and within other educational systems, and the development of diagnostic and therapeutic methods, courses and teaching material.

The recipient should have published a substantial volume of high quality material relating to veterinary dermatology with a significant impact on the discipline. Research papers should include new discoveries and publication in high impact journals.

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Nomination and Selection

Nominations for the award are evaluated by an Award Committee established by and reporting to the WAVD Board.

Nominations should be submitted on the nomination form which can be downloaded here.

Nominations will be initiated 2 years before the next World Congress of Veterinary Dermatology with selection 1 year before.