Guidelines for Provisional Membership

A major emphasis of WAVD is assisting with the development of infrastructure in individual nations and international groups for the advancement of veterinary dermatology. WAVD strongly encourages the formation of national and international societies of veterinarians with a special interest or further qualifications in veterinary dermatology in geographic regions not currently represented by a member organization (ESVD, ECVD, AAVD, ACVD, CAVD, DCACVSc, AiSVD).

The ultimate objectives of such organizations would be fulfillment of the criteria for full membership of the WAVD within a reasonable timeframe, and the activities should be consistent with this goal. Therefore, applications from organizations or groups with multinational rather than local activities in the field of veterinary dermatology will be given preferential consideration.

If approved, provisional membership will be normally for 5 years and at that time the organization will be reassessed for acceptance for full membership or maintenance of provisional status for a further 5 year period.

The application should address the following points:

  1. Name of the organization or group.
  2. Officials or officers assuming administrative responsibility and position within the organization or group.
  3. Brief outline of the history of the organization or group, including the date of inauguration and the criteria for membership and number of members.
  4. Brief outline of the major role of the organization or group including their educational goals and objectives.
  5. Brief outline of the meetings or conferences sponsored or organised by the organization or group.
  6. Brief outline of the steps taken by the organization or group to have its members conform to international standards; for example attendance at international dermatology meetings; participation in dermatology continuing education courses.
  7. Brief outline of the contribution to veterinary dermatology by members of the organization or group through research or publications, if relevant.
  8. While financial support from the WAVD should not be viewed as the prime reason for an organization or group seeking provisional membership with the WAVD, the WAVD recognizes that financial support is an important means of achieving the key WAVD goal of the global advancement of veterinary dermatology. Provisional member organizations seeking financial support from WAVD will need to submit a separate application (see Application for Financial Support form) no later than 01 April each year.
  9. Provisional member organizations of the WAVD are asked to provide an annual report to the WAVD Secretary by the 1st of June each year. This report should include a brief summary of activities and achievements in the past year, and how those were communicated to the WAVD member organizations and veterinary profession. If financial support was given by the WAVD for a specific project or activity, then the project budget and expenditures should be included in the annual report.

Applications for Provisional Membership and Financial Support must be submitted using the applications forms here

Annual reports should be mailed in electronic format to: Dr. Mandy Burrows, WAVD Ho