Affiliate organisations

The WAVD supports groups, projects and organizations that align with our vision and mission. It welcomes applications from interested parties for formal affiliation with the WAVD. Affiliation requires approval by the WAVD Administrative Committee.

An application for affiliation with WAVD from an organization or group allied with any aspect of veterinary dermatology, not currently represented by a member organization (ESVD, ECVD, AAVD, ACVD, CAVD, DCACVSc, AiSVD), will be considered.

Applications from organizations or groups with global rather than local activities in the field of veterinary dermatology will be given preferential consideration. If approved, affiliation will be normally for 3 years and will be reassessed before the end of that period.

View the guidelines for Affiliiate Membership here

To apply for affiliated membership please contact the WAVD Secretary here

International Committee on Allergic Diseases of Animals

  • To arrange for the publication of critical reviews on atopic dermatitis, and other allergic conditions affecting the skin and other organ systems of all domestic animal species
  • To encourage and foster the development of research projects on the subject
  • To advance the practice of veterinary dermatology as applied to allergic diseases by encouraging best practice through publications, lectures etc.; developing systems of quality control of laboratory tests relevant to the diagnosis of allergic diseases; and other approaches that may from time to time become appropriate.

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International Society of Veterinary Dermatopathology

The objective of the ISVD is the advancement of veterinary and comparative dermatopathology. This is an organization composed of individuals with a professional interest in the microscopic interpretation of skin diseases.

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Global Veterinary Dermatology EducationThe Global Veterinary Dermatology Education Group (GVDEG) is an independent international group of veterinary dermatologists who are committed to improving the knowledge and practice of veterinary dermatology in underserved areas around the world.

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