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Members of the Administrative Committee

Below is a list of the current Adminisrative Committee. You can email any of the committee from the Contact Us page.


Kenneth Kwochka President WAVD, Member-at-Large
Catherine Outerbridge Representative of ACVD
Mandy Burrows Secretary, Representative of DCACVS
David Lloyd Treasurer WAVD, President WCVD5
Jeanne Budgin Representative of AAVD
Susan Paterson Representative of ESVD
Emmanuel Bensignor Representative of ECVD
Manon Paradis President WCVD7
Vincent Defalque Representative of CAVD
Carmel Taylor Representative of AiSVD
Wayne Rosenkrantz Member-at-Large
Richard Halliwell President WCVD1, Past President WAVD
Hans Koch President WCVD3
Stephen White President WCVD9
Brett Wildermuth Member-at-Large